Saturday, March 31, 2001

Privacy News at Politechbot

Declan McCullagh's politech news and archive

Find out what's up and join Electronic Frontier Foundation


"We are building the world's largest international, peer-reviewed encyclopedia.
It is free."

Finally, an open content encyclopedia. You can get involved by discussing topics, drawing pictures, making photographs, reviewing articles. Topic experts, editors, translators, and programmers are needed also.

Graffiti in the Groninger Museum

The Fabulous Five, Lee, Quik, Rammellzee, Keith Haring, Lady Pink, Blade from back in the 80s in Dutch.

Flash style

Graf d'Sign



Wild Style - The Classic Hip Hop Movie - New York City


"The Graff Papers" is a cool new feature in Juxtapoz magazine. This issue: Alex Pardee.

Daddies Nasty Sons
Dutch style all the way.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

The site below is frames, so I can't give you an exact url. But, follow the link to the graffiti writer that's on the left side. A sub navigation will appear and mention a couple of other cool little inventions.

Friday, March 02, 2001

Okay, so it's not graffiti exactly. But it's a cool collaborative web site.

Thursday, March 01, 2001

TAG deleted

Finland nukes one of its oldest graffiti sites, TAG Read all about it on his front page.

Lowbrow Gallery

Big Daddy Roth, Robert Williams, and more - art prints for sale at Copro/Nason


I know you've already seen it but I've gotta give thanks. DJ Qbert is breaking out the animation now.

What to do when confronted with police

This great site has both straight dope on dope and a lot of information about how not to screw up while being arrested or dealing with police. Learn before doing, and teach your friends. The police section is a bit US-centric but the site has good advice and real information of many kinds.

Read up at


Here's another great ambitous hacker project: Freenet. Definitely watch that space, at least. If you've got geek skills, lend a hand. It will create peer to peer networks like Napster only more private and robust. It is not corporate controlled, but is a new kind of infrastructure for private file transfer and more. Anarchy is what we need online, because all the alternatives are much much worse.

"Freenet is a distributed decentralised information storage and retrieval system. It is designed to allow the free distribution of information on the Internet without fear of censorship. To achieve this it provides anonymity to those placing information into Freenet, and those accessing information from Freenet. It is also totally decentralized, nobody is in control of Freenet, not even its creators. This makes is virtually impossible to force the removal of a piece of information from the system. "

Remembering Dream

It's been a year since this Oakland graffiti legend was murdered, and no justice has been done yet to the 2 guys charged with executing him during a robbery. It's in process still, so there's still hope though. TDK made a great memorial site for Dream at

Rest in Peace

Stun is back and he's online

Stun, the Paint Louis organizer and beloved St. Louis writer, was beaten almost to death last year. He's well on the road to recovery now, thanks to his parents who went over the top to support and care for him. His site's up now, so check it out.

Security online

Use a PC? Want anonymous, secure email? Sure you do. Hushmail is for you. They've got a longstanding top reputation for good strong encryption code, and for only $5 a month you can have an account you can trust and one you can reach from any internet-connected computer. (Encryption works only between hushmail users, but the other features are worth checking out.)

Newsfeeds looks interesting too, although I jsut stumbled on them. They offer uncensored news and unlike your ISP, they don't keep logs of what you read online. This is especially handy if you live in a country that censors your online news access! It's a little pricey at $19.95 a month, but if you buy it by the year it starts to sound reasonable.

What's online news, you ask? Well it's the most interesting thing since before the Web, only text-based. You can find out anything and join a group about anything, or just read to your heart's content. 80,000 different discussion groups.

Get a taste at Google Groups the coolest search engine just bought the biggest pile of text in the world. If their interface doesn't shape up fast enough for you, get a real newsreader from Tucows. Just do a search for "newsreader" or "usenet".

Yeah there's one for graffiti and a bunch of trainstuff, hiphop stuff, everything. Everything. Read the Frigging Manual for a group if it's got one, before you jump in with your mouth open. The graffiti group has no FAQ (frequently asked questions) though, so you can hold forth there to your heart's content. It does have worldwide scope but also cops and toys. It's been around since I've been on the net (1991) too. It's what you make of it. Don't be foolish and use any of your names on it though. Make up a new name and make sure your news software doesn't post your real email address before you write something though. News is archived for years now, so think of it as writing stuff in stone. For readers, Usenet news is highly addictive. Pace yourself.