Monday, January 17, 2005

Changing Minds

Want to live in a world where different stuff goes on, rather than what we have now? Me too. The key to changing the world is changing other people's minds about it. No really.

Think of Martin Luthor King for a minute. He helped change people's minds about the nature of humanity and the need for fairness and equality.

You can change people's minds too. Have a look at this site for tactics and defenses against them. Make sure you're not being manipulated while you learn to persuade effectively.

Popular sections of this site include:
* Sales closing techniques and objection-handling.
* Leadership styles and theories.
* Questioning techniques.
* Basic body language.
* Conversion techniques used by cults and others.
* General principles of persuasion.
* Preferences and personality scales.
* The games we play.
* How we cope with stress.
* Academic theories around changing minds (also the alphabetic list).