Art Crimes: ADM, page 2

All artwork is copyright © 2004 the artists. Photos courtesy of Pun18, ADM and Sen2. The paintings were done in Santurce, Puerto Rico except as marked.

pr04_s2_1x.jpg Sen2 pr04_sel_punx.jpg Sel, Pun18

pr04_sencillox.jpg Sen2 (in New York) pr04_senveerdex.jpg Sen, Veer

pr04_sez_pun18x.jpg Sez, Pun18 pr04_son_1x.jpg Son

pr04_tats_admx.jpg TATs, ADM

pun18_esco_mis7.admx.jpg Pun18, Esco, Mis7

Desn, Pun18, Mis7, Son, Esco

pr04_pun18x.jpg Pun18 pr04_sonx.jpg Son
sen2.pun18.son_admx.jpg Sen2, Pun18

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