Art Crimes: Airbrush Show / World Spray 2003

Milano Italy: March 1 and 2, 2003


AIRBRUSH SHOW is the biggest annual European event of its kind.
It mixes Aerosol Art, Digital Art, Airbrushing, and Hot Rod Art in a big, crazy 2-day event.

Artwork is exhibited for sale. New artists from all over the world are selected every year. Part of the exhibition dedicated to a live show where aerosol artists paint in front of the crowd.

Airbrush Show is sponsored by: Montana Cans, Corona, Iwata Airbrush, Airbrush Art Magazine, and

These photos are courtesy of Air, Milan, artwork is © copyright 2003 the artists.

2003airbrush_show02x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_108x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_110x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_112x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_115x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_118x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_123x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_125x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_133x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_135x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_139x.jpg 2003airbrush_show_140x.jpg


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