Art Crimes: Antwerp, Belgium 1

These images © copyright 2004 the artists. Photos courtesy of Raymond van der Kaaij. Thanks to BUGT for this information: These pictures are from Muntplein where the Meeting of Styles (25 - 28 september 2003) was held. The Muntplein has been for 15 years a place where the graffiti is tolerated by the police and the neighbourhood. It's in the centre (5 minutes walking from the city hall).

antwerp_2003_5ax.jpg Raw (France) NOE 2, ZENOY, JOE.J, SWEN, (all from Paris) and DON (from Lyon, France)

antwerp_2003_1ax.jpg Le Club and Stohead (Germany)

antwerp_2003_2ax.jpg Tasso (Germany) and Neas1 (Holland)

antwerp_2003_4ax.jpg Porn Stars (Spain)


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