A-One, RIP

Photos courtesy of Jayone and sketch from Style Only Workgroup

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Harlem Hall of Fame, 1990 - photo courtesy of James Prigoff, from Walls of Heritage | Walls of Pride.

Legendary New York Graffiti artist Anthony Clark, a.k.a. A-one, died in Paris on Sunday from complications of a brain hemorrhage. He was only 37 years old. He is survived by his long time girlfriend in Paris and his mother in NY.

Everyone who knew Aone or his work knew he was full of energy, life and jokes which reflected through his huge smile and his beautiful paintings.

He was a great painter that came from the streets of NY to being collected in some of the most prestigious museums, galleries and private collections around the globe.

Our hearts go out to his family and those close to him.

Anthony Clark a.k.a. Aone

A quote by Aone painted on Fashion Moda (circa 1982): "The Deadly Aone standing on the top of A mountain of dreams, telling myself the broil isn't as hard as it seems! Colors: bake, burn, sizzle, roast, grill and broil"

....We'll miss you brother, you're in our hearts. - Dzine

Today I was very sad to hear about the death of another member of the FUN Gallery Crew. My beloved friends Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat and Dondi White have been joined up in heaven with the incredible artist A-One. A true original in graffiti art, A-One's canvases were always something I was proud to exhibit. His special dreamlike world was perfectly expressed by a lovely spray can technique that was all his own. Add to the fact that like his compadres above he was always quick to keep my thinking and actions correct, and his neverending query, "Where are my duckets?"

I can't believe I will never see A-One walk through my door again. At the time of his death he was living in Paris as a successful artist.

I can only close with a story from back in the day that I heard from another member of the original crew, Kiely Jenkins (Obdewl X): I was looking out the window of my studio (5th floor Lower East Side) when I saw A-One carrying a tremendous boom-box bigger than he was down the street. Deciding to go into a store he set the box down in the middle of the intersection still on full blast, cars speeding by in four directions. (Leaving his hands free for shopping!) After making it up to Kiely's with the beer and lighting up a fattie, Kiely asked him "Why did you just leave your box out in the street?" A-One replied, "I wanted to hear my music, man."

Goodbye, A-One

Patti Astor
FUN Gallery

Good Bye My Hit master your work is done only on this mold of a planet! You always Drew a Great Ikonoklast Panzerism letter Tank for me...Fly in your "A" far and Hit to hurt as you always have... Like my #1...We all know you will "ROCK THE GALAXY" now that you've got the chance... So Burn'em! I will be watching.


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