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Who are the 5 best writers of all time? Who are the 5 up-and-comers to watch?


Personally they would have to come from New York....and I doubt I have seen half of what's been done. From what I have seen my personal 5 favorites would have to be something like (in no order) Phase Two, Case2 TFP, Slave, Dondi, and Mitch 77. The reason for these over a lot of others is, when I see a lot of what they did more than a decade ago I still freak. The pieces \ style they were pushing have been timeless.

What do you think about doing productions?

Here's a touchy topic.

If visually executed correctly -- they are dope. But as MODE2 once said -- "the scenery is really only there to attract the Norm".

Realistically they don't understand the letters at all. So in an attempt to draw them in or juice them for jobs, big productions are done. It's definitely nice to see a big wall with a theme, it undeniably looks nice.

Ultimately though, my focus is on the letters. Incorporating your letter -- manipulating skills into your name. A 2-colour fresh piece to me is still more appealing than a big production. I don't really care how artistically talented someone is -- or if they can apply 10 shades of one colour, or paint detailed portraits and all that other production-related shit. That's not having style in terms of writing, that's ability to apply artistic technique -- once again.

The focal point should always be the letters. I mean really, how can one claim original style by painting 28 meters of scenery and a piece that's 1& 1/2 meters of struggle. Good art work probably -- but then again who is that person's audience - writers or $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?

Since you've tried so many kinds, what kinds of paint do you prefer?

Some paints are definitely better than others, but all can be used. Personally Beltons pretty much have this shit locked down. Colour ranges - paint quality etc., etc., etc.... although Rustos are also really fresh paints for that fast blast on any surface. Marabus were considered to be the cream of the crop for a long time. They still have some fresh fresh colours though. The Krylon company should just blow the fuck up. All their paints just seem to be getting more and more watered down...most colours are just getting so shitty it's depressing.

What do you think about stickers? Anyone doing any interesting ones?

Pretty cool. Just another way to get up more than anything. I have seen probably the best ones in New York. They are just another medium used to reach the same final goal.

Personally I don't have the time and facilities to pump out dope ones you know. As for tagging on stick it notes ... well I'm not too interested in that shit.... I thought we had markers with dope inks for that getting up type shit.

Using the right equipment and you can really make some funky ones though, that's for sure. I've seen some cool ones...TWIST, DELTA etc. etc. etc..

What else would you like to tell the world about your writing, your lessons learned?

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. As corny as it may sound, make the most of the situation while you can. It's optimistic to think that raw graf will last forever.

This whole thing is opinionated. Don't be so damn paranoid. If you take offence to a comment whereby your name isn't even mentioned, well then maybe you are guilty of the statement? You work it out.

There are definitely rules and unwritten laws to follow. Finding where you fit in the overall picture and what kind of impact you are making is up to you. Striving as an individual in turn allows the culture of writing to strive.

The petty bullshit of who is this or that, the politics of scenes everywhere is usually just bullshit. Concentrate on what you are trying to do, look out for you and your crew, and you will start to realize that all that effort and dedication pays off.

Respect comes from those who first of all respect writing for what it is, and then of course respect others enough to let them be. Look around, the writers who not only have the dopest styles are those that pursued their efforts and avoided most of the nonsense.

What's important to you after all this time?

Pushing on.... Meeting more and more writers, painting, experiencing new and more good times ... traveling and seeing those who are close to me around the world. These guys are like family. Mmmm... There's still a lot more to see and do that's for sure.

Any advice for the shorties?

Letters letters letters. Work it all out. Keep pushing with them. Fuck all this colour money commercial shit when you first start.... Concentrate on developing your style -- logo -- symbol and the neatness and colour co-ordination will all come with practice. It's about letters first and foremost. Where you take it from there is up to you.

ATOMEONE iBSTFP and you know I don't stop.

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