Axel Thiel: Graffiti Archivist

Axel Thiel unexpectedly died in 2006, but his archive and work live on at .

Graffiti Questions and Answers - 1998

Vocabulary of Graffiti Research

Axel Thiel's Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Graffiti Research

The Psychological (Unconscious) Structure Of Writers

Graffiti Lexicon

Introduction to Graffiti Research

Reviewed by Susan for Art Crimes

Probably the best so far reference guide to all kinds of graffiti-related books, magazines, internet resources, and articles etc. Paperback: 42 German Marks or the equivalent. Some of the text is Dutch, but since it's a reference book, that didn't keep me from accessing the information. The references are wide-ranging and reasonably complete.

For books, write to:
Galgenberg 29
B-9000 Gent (Belgium)

Axel Thiel, coordinator of the International Work-Group on Graffiti-Research collected a 20-year graffiti archive that he made available to researchers and students by appointment, in Kassel Germany. Students were asked only to donate a copy of their finished work to the archive, in exchange. For more information, contact The International Work-Group on Graffiti-Research.

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