Art Crimes

This section has been created to primarily focus on showing blackbooks in their entirety. As you can see, there are some notable exceptions. We will, from time to time, showcase writers that have been influential or contributed to style in some significant way, since that's what blackbooks are for. They are the recipe books, the practice sessions, the calculations before executing a masterpiece.

Black Books  

Featured Book
Art Crimes
A book that got passed around LA for a little while, and then made its way east to New York.
Featured Pieces  
  Spie  |  Susan  |  Eskae  |  Cat 22  |  Suroc  |  Schmoo  |  Master Prink  |  Boss by Mare139  |  Mare139 3D  |  Mare139 3D  |  Soul by Mare139


Other Books  
  Newest: Some from Leters |  Jaz  |  Glos6  |  Astro, Stucko, Eso, Suer, Def, Ice, Rip


You can still get the archive of the old Art Crimes Sketch section right here. We're really trying to improve the quality of work displayed. We will not be updating the old section, so please don't send anything new in.