Art Crimes: Bogota, Colombia 11

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INK Crew, from Gris One.INK.BA:

Gris Gris

Kops, Dexs, Gama, Gris One, Ospen, Fco

Chack (characters), Dexs, Sar (Venezuela), Gris

Gris One, Gama, Kops, Ospen, Ceas (Chile), Dexs

Gama, Gris Gris

Gris Gris
INC at 3Mundo


Gris Gris

Dexs, Gris One, Gama, Ospen

INK and MGB Crew (Germany) writers: Ospen, Logics, Skaks, Gris One

NARCOGRAFICA, Gris One, Ospen, Gama, Dexs, Fco

INK Dast, Gris

Pieza, Gris

Senk (Venezuela), Gris, Nerf (Argentina)


City Walls

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