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All images on this page are © copyright 2013 the artists. Photos by Boher, from Bangkok, Thailand. Please send corrections to and mention Boher 3.

Boher, Rize

Res, Boher

Coad, Boher, Ares

Da Brooks, Boher, Ares, Noe2 (France), Gore

Skum, Trama, Ares, Boher, Big Del, Zitok

Cider, Boher, Coad, Ares, Poyd, Remix

Boher, Noe2, Da Brooks

Big Del, Ares, Deaone, Goh M, TG, Boher

see it biggest
Joker, Ktose, Sneak, Crude, Zitok, Big Del, Ares, Boher, Chres

Boher Graffiti Book

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