Art Crimes: Bosnia 2

All pictures on this page are © copyright 2003 the artists, from Banja Luka, Bosnia.

Please email with caption corrections and mention Bosnia 2.

imunsidaplejs_zeleno_plavix.jpg Imun

imun_inek_sida_jamx.jpg Imun, Inek

imun_kuga_banja_luka_parkx.jpg Imun, Kuga, in Banja Luka

imun_macka_skola_mejdanx.jpg Imun, Macka, in Mejdan

imun_novi_sad_u_gipsux.jpg Imun, in Novi Sad

imun_pekmez_dulait_tuzlax.jpg Imun, Pekmez, Dulait in Tuzla

loko_just_novi_sad_garazex.jpg Loko, Just, in Novi Sad

loko_naopako_novi_sadx.jpg Loko, Naopako, in Novi Sad

loko_parkx.jpg Loko


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