Concrete Alchemy 2008

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2008 the artists. Photos by Roman and Ricardo Barros, courtesy of Col.robotswillkill. More info and photos at Albus Cavus.

Please send corrections and missing names to and mention Concrete Alchemy 2008. We would really love to show a much larger version of the last wall too, if anyone has one.

Rain, Kasso, Col, Demer, Werc, Plan, Maxx Moses, Chor Boogie, Bored, Crol, Vyal, Veng, Cern, Ricardo Barros

Participating artists include:

Concrete Alchemy is a tour of 15 visual artists visiting 5 major urban centers on the East Coast over 7 days. These artists are major driving force in pushing the limits of contemporary urban arts.

The artists possess the unique secrets of alchemists who transform one element into another. Under their touch, sterile concrete explodes and a fresh, new organic nature sprouts through the cracks. As it develops into a dynamic and colorful forest, it presents us - the inhabitants - with new, pure life.

They play significant roles in their communities as activists and leaders whose ideas are immediately adopted by their neighbors and transformed into beautified and improved streets and public spaces. The power of their art erases hate from viewer's mind and brings color and joy to the concrete jungle.

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