Caktus and Maria, page 3

All artwork and images © copyright 2007 the artists. Photos thanks to Caktus and Maria, from Italy. Please send more names for the MOS production to and mention Caktus and Maria 3.

Caktus, Maria, and others - MOS Wiesbaden, Germany 2007

Sika, Kame, "Lotus" by Caktus, Macs, Yama, Maria - Nicandro, Italy 2006

Maria, Double "Meak" By Kame, Caktus, Hans - Montaguto, Italy 2007

Caktus, "Meak" by Kame, Maria - Nicandro, Italy

Kame, "Bonus" by Caktus - Foggia, Italy 2007

"Pus" by Caktus, Maria - Foggia, Italy 2007


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