Art Crimes: California 8

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2005 this suddenly appeared in Vallejo. Photo thanks to Astek and Whore:
See it biggest.
Sequel to the "West Coast Budah Funk" production by: Matr, Astek, Spray, Lost, Chez, Sikm, Natrl, Mynas, Rome, Jase, Rsen, Apex, Tyboe, King157, Ryno, Drone, Pastime, Wyze, Emer, Rebuke, Nope, Jayke, Weber

In Modesto:
modesto05_a0175x.jpg Rebuk modesto05_a0190x.jpg Nope modesto05_a0187x.jpg Jake modesto05_a0191x.jpg Weber

Dekay, Rinks, Kwiz (backgound and character), in Fresno

Dekay, Dr Nugs, in Livermore

Dekay, in Stockton


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