Art Crimes: Canada 1

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2004 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Canada 1. Photos shown were contributed the artists except as marked.

rockwell_hamilton2003x.jpg Spec One.CFA and, in Hamilton, Ontario

By "Zegs", Calgary, Alberta
night_gallery_zegs_calgaryx.jpg zegs_calgary2003x.jpg

canada_fame2003x.jpg Fame

HIV, in Saskatchewan
hivbomb4x.jpg hivbomb5x.jpg hivbomb6x.jpg

dr_disc_2003x.jpg moyen_drdiscx.jpg
Moyen.GTS and Myne.SM.T3M, in London Ontario

koaltr2x.jpg Koalt, (Vancouver) in Winnipeg

FlyID in Montreal
mtl_flyid_canadax.jpg mtl_flyid_rathx.jpg Rath mtl_flyid_ribsx.jpg Ribs mtl_flyid_talex.jpg Tale mtl_flyid_siek1x.jpg Siek


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