All images on this page are © copyright 2006 Cekis (aka Zekis) from Chile.

These paintings were done in New York City and Philadelphia USA, and Valparaiso, Chile. Many of the photos were provided thanks to Cern.YMI

Cekis, Rio, Charqipunk, Cern (in Valparaiso)

Charqipunk, Inti, Myre (France), Cekis, "Pre" by Tombo (in Valparaiso) character by Cekis

Cekis (Chile), Ethel (UK) Scies (USA), Skope (Australia), Insa (UK), Cern (USA), Juice (NL) Native, Space, Sek3 (USA), in Brooklyn NYC 2004

Cekis, Cern (in New York)


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