Ninos Boom Box / Cabin Fever Crew

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Ninos Boom Box: Cabin Fever Crew

Cabin Fever Crew was founded in 1998.

Ninos boom box began producing in 1993, graffiti in 1992, MCing in 1991, and popping long ago.

Producing is first love, Cabin Fever Crew album "PHANTOM LIMB SYNDROME, DOCS WORD".

Cabin fever crew is.....

  • Ninos Boom Box
  • The Tackle Box
  • Scagnetti
  • Felix Fontain
  • Chachi Deveroux
  • Kit Kat Calloway

Despite being mis-characterized as a graffiti crew, Cabin Fever Crew is a collage of producers, DJs, MCs, poppers, graff artists, craftsmen, designers, fine artists, directors, screen writers, actors, graphic artists and hatchet throwers.

Cabin Fever Crew's album, "PHANTOM LIMB SYNDROME, DOCS WORD" will be released mid-2003. This album, besides music, will consist of the auditory theater "DOCS WORD." View promotional posters.

A musical odyssey presented in loop-hole, soundscape format, "DOCS WORD" consists of seven murder mystery sequences. This story is the background of the characters you hear on the phantom limb syndrome album.

This screenplay was developed for headphones. It is a story of a mad doctor who has developed a deadly virus, "the cabin fever virus." "Tormented by his inhibitions, he has to find a way to save his lovely assistant from an unknown snuff-porn ring. Three goons (Felix Fontain, Chachi Deveroux, And Kit Kat Calloway), hired to protect the doctor's employer, get caught up in a backstabbing conundrum in which they will have to fight for their lives.

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