Art Crimes: CFS, page 3

All images on this page are © copyright 2004 CFS crew, from Budapest Hungary. Photos courtesy of Heat. Some of these paintings were made at the Swiss and Polish 2003 Meeting of Styles. The rest were done in Hungary.

zero_switzerland_mos_03x.jpg Zero (Switzerland) heat_switzerland_mos_03x.jpg Heat (Switzerland)

heat_poland_mos_03_2x.jpg Heat (Poland) heat_poland_belchatow_03x.jpg Heat (Poland)

heat_hungary_tatabanyax.jpg Heat heat_hungary_eger_03x.jpg Heat

heat_hungary_budapestx.jpg Heat heat_hungary_budapest_03x.jpg Heat

heat_hungary_budapest_03_2x.jpg Heat heat_canvas_03x.jpg Heat canvas


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