Art Crimes: CFS, page 6

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2005 the artists of Colored Effects (CFS) crew, in Hungary. Photos thanks to Heat.

In Wroclaw, Poland (Graffiti Non Stop event):
050705_bushx.jpg Bush 050705_hepizerox.jpg Hepi, Zero 050705_xceptx.jpg "Xcept" made by by Böki and Heat

050715_xceptx.jpg "Xcept" made by by Böki and Heat, bugs by BreakOne, in Budapest

Breakone, Zero, Böki, Heat, Hepi, in Budapest

From the Colored Effects exhibition in Budapest:
cfs2005_2galleryx.jpg Heat cfs2005_3galleryx.jpg Zero and Böki (Installation)

cfs2005_5galleryx.jpg Heat, Break cfs2005_8galleryx.jpg Zero, Böki (Installation)

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