Art Crimes: Chicago 19

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2003 the artists. Photos courtesy of Dred and Static. Photos were taken during 2000-2002

acerstat032x.jpg Acer, Static acerstat03x.jpg Acer, Static

aerosacerchrybdisx.jpg Aeros, Acer aerosandstatdopeinkx.jpg Aeros, Static

187sf03x.jpg aerosandstatskateparkx.jpg Aeros, Static static_canvas_girl01x.jpg Static (canvas)

47prod01x.jpg Static (characters), Aeros, Acer

79thellis1x.jpg Static, Acer, Aeros (Coca-Cola comission)

benito03x.jpg "Benito Juarez" by Static, Aeros, and Acer

Static, Acer, Aeros, and Sphere


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