Art Crimes: Chicago 38

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2004 the artists.

Photos thanks to Take2:

chi2004_kiser_rip_by_bboybx.jpg Kiser RIP by B-Boy B (photo by Flash)

chi04_xhaust_beon_dreds_stx.jpg Xaust, Dreds, Beon, Asend

chi2004_atari_tempest_nykex.jpg Atari, Tempest, Nyke

chi2004_cal3_zeb_nyke_takex.jpg Cal3, Zeb, Nyke, Take2

Photos thanks to Gape.LEC.TCK except as marked (pieces done in 2004):

lecntck_gapemilkx.jpg (photo by Flash) lecntck_gape_40c08x.jpg lecntck_gape_40c0bx.jpg lecntck_gape_cerma_40c0ax.jpg lecntck_gape_gapeb_40c0cx.jpg lecntck_gape_tck_2_40c09x.jpg


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