Art Crimes: Chile 66

Artwork is © copyright 2012 the artists. Please send corrections to and mention Chile 66.

Thanks to Snob:

Catboy, Snob, Saz, Oxmn, Bive - in Santiago

Fear, Onex, Ades, Pantru, Rikis, Demos, Posh, Ysek - in Osorno

Kra, Simon, Side, Zade, Mona, Antisa, Eney, Fito, Jim, Snob - in Osorno

From the artists:
Saes - in Santiago er2 - in Santiago Famet Jekse Jekse

Zoid - in Valdivia

Zootag: Drebs, Ozio, Deca - in San Antonio (no larger version available)


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