Art Crimes: China 30

These images and artwork are © copyright 2009 the artists. Please send questions and corrections to and mention China 30.

From And Chen, ABS crew, in Beijing:
And Chen, Jex, Seven, Scar

and_chen_1x.jpg And Chen and_chen_3x.jpg And Chen

and_chen_4x.jpg And Chen and_chen2x.jpg And Chen

and_chenx.jpg And Chen scar_1x.jpg Scar scar_3x.jpg Scar

scar_4x.jpg Scar scar_5x.jpg Scar scar_7x.jpg Scar

scar_and_chenx.jpg Scar, And Chen scar2008x.jpg Scar

seven_and_chenx.jpg Seven, And Chen

seven_scar_and_chenx.jpg Seven, Scar, And Chen seven_scarx.jpg Seven, Scar

seven2008x.jpg Seven seven_1x.jpg Seven


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