Art Crimes: China 1

These images are © copyright 2003 the artists.

Artwork and photos below by Dofi and Frek, UTP crew, in Hong Kong:
production-shenzenx.jpg utp2x.jpg office_productionx.jpg

Photos below from an anonymous contributor in Hong Kong. See more Syan at

2003hk10x.jpg Neck.CNS (Germany), Katmando (Germany), Seak.CNS (Germany), Ate-One.CNS (Germany)

2003hk01x.jpg Syan.CEA 2003hk2x.jpg Syan 2003hk3x.jpg Syan 2003hk4x.jpg Syan 2003hk5x.jpg Syan 2003hk6x.jpg Syan

2003hk7x.jpg Realm.CEA 2003hk8x.jpg Freak.UTP 2003hk9x.jpg Flip 1.SBA.UTP (Philippines)

2003hkb1x.jpg Cie 1.UTP, Freak, Dofi.TWO.UTP, Psat. SOC

2003hkb2x.jpg Redy.BNS

2003hk11x.jpg 3dom, Emol, Realm, Spoon, of CEA

Photos below by Peter Merridew, taken in Kowloon:
hkpm2002ax.jpg hkpm2002bx.jpg King of Kowloon


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