Art Crimes: Colombia 3

All images and artwork are copyright © 2005 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Colombia 3.

These pictures are from Semone in Medellin:
medellin_021x.jpg CKC wall medellin_011x.jpg CKC medellin_031x.jpg Sailor and CKC

medellin_041x.jpg Tes medellin_081x.jpg "TBS" by Seck and Gosk

medellin_091x.jpg "Crime" by Seck, Gosk, and Pock medellin_101x.jpg "ONE mos" by Primo A

medellin_arcx.jpg Arc medellin_evil_primox.jpg Primo

medellin_rip_sem_nikox.jpg RIP for ? by Sem and Niko medellin_sem1x.jpg Sem

medellin_sound_shopx.jpg "Sound Shop" by ? medellin_uvk_gosk_seckx.jpg "UBK" by Gosk and Seck, 2001

medellin_gosk_primo_seckx.jpg "INK JAM" by Gosk, Ades, Primo A


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