Art Crimes: Colombia 8

All images and artwork are copyright © 2006 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Colombia 8.

From Gosk, in Medellin:
"Crime" by Gosk, Seck, Pock "DF" by Sekone

"Down" by Gosk "Town" by Wen

Wen "GBA" by Gosk Gosk - 1998

"KS" by Gosk, Wen "Locotez" by Sekone

"Lokotez" by Gosk, Wen - 2006 Pock, Stic, Sekone - 1997

"Sabor" by Gosk Gosk Wen

"Seko" by Seckone "TBS" by Gosk, Seck - 1999

Terraza-TBS "UBK" by Gosk - 2001


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