Art Crimes: Colombia 1

All images and artwork are copyright © 2005 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Colombia 1.

These pictures are from Sham One in Bogota:
bogota_gamax.jpg Gama bogota_esfagix.jpg Zas

ark_wap_bogota_colombiax.jpg Ark, Wap

bogota_dastdx.jpg Dast sham1_bogota1249x.jpg Sham bogota_ser2x.jpg Ser

bogota_ospen_1x.jpg Ospen bogota_inkx.jpg Ospen, Dexs

bogota_cazserx.jpg Ser, Cazdos bogota_perdomox.jpg Sham

prod_centro_20dejulio#26816.jpg Tone, Cups, Ecksone


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