Art Crimes: Connecticut 67

All images and artwork are copyright © 2010 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Conn. 67.

emitdanbury1992x.jpg Emit - 1992 meeatinux.jpg Revenge

bristol09revgex.jpg Revenge bunmex.jpg Revenge no_ur_fukedx.jpg Revenge

conn_076_2x.jpg Beat conn_120_2x.jpg Beat conn_122_4x.jpg Beat

conn_124_4x.jpg Beat conn_213_2x.jpg Beat conn_panorama_2010x.jpg Beat

From Toner:
connececticutrawks017x.jpg Eyesore connececticutrawks018x.jpg Skem

sowpe012x.jpg Eyon sowpe014x.jpg Reo


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