Art Crimes: Dallas 7

All pictures on this page are © copyright 2005 the artists. Please send caption corrections to (mention Dallas 7). Photos are from Dallas / Fort Worth Texas, USA.

From Suner:
sun2005_12x.jpg Suner sun2005_chant_earlx.jpg Chant, Earl sun2005_dtax.jpg Suner sun2005_earl_ucron_chantx.jpg Earl, Ucron, Chant sun2005_kersiv_soner_ucronx.jpg Kersiv, Soner, Ucron sun2005_kersiv1x.jpg Kersiv sun2005_sun1x.jpg Suner sun2005_ucron_chantx.jpg Ucron, Chant sun2005_vertx.jpg Vert sun2005_wasterx.jpg Waster


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