Washington DC

These images were shot in metropolitan Washington by Michael Swartzbeck, in the Downtown, Adams-Morgan and Dupont Circle sections -- between July 1993 and May 1994. There's a few other "sites" I've discovered elsewhere -- on the Red Line between Union Station and Takoma Park and another spot downtown.

LEFT Felon, 1993. "Graffiti For Sale", detail from "Tales from the Crypt". In a parking lot in Adams-Morgan. BELOW, LEFT Cha, 1993. "Tales from the Crypt", left panel. RIGHT close detail left panel, "Tales from the Crypt".

LEFT Ember, IHU Krew, character by Felon, 1993. "Tales from the Crypt", right panel, from the parking lot in Adams-Morgan, character by Felon. CENTER Felon, 1994. "Tony's Place", Felon character. RIGHT Ember, IHU Krew, 1994. "Tony's Place", detail. On a wall just over a sub shop downtown, long view DBS (bottom left), SMK (red, blue and yellow), Felon characters, and Dah (lower right).

Rust, "and you can't beat that wit' a bat"

Dah, "Art Under Pressure", 1993. "Humanity", left panel detail. Covering the entire exposed end wall of the Luna Cafe, Dupont Circle (P Street wall), facing the basketball courts at the youth center next door. ABOVE RIGHT, SMK, "Art Under Pressure" center panel, detail. BELOW LEFT Cycle, "Art Under Pressure", 1993. "Humanity", right panel detail. BELOW CENTER and RIGHT Cycle, "Art Under Pressure", center panel, close details.


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