Art Crimes: Washington DC 4

Images and artwork are © copyright 2005 the artists. Please send artist credits to and mention DC 4.

Photos thanks to Mike and Sean Madden:
washingtondc2003gx.jpg Dyer washingtondc2003fx.jpg Shore washingtondc2002cx.jpg Exist and Spase

washingtondc2003cx.jpg Shore washingtondc2003ex.jpg ? washingtondc2004ax.jpg ?

washingtondc2003dx.jpg Envy washingtondc2002bx.jpg Ever, Clear washingtondc2002ax.jpg Tale and Eazy

DC wall of fame, toy section, with Tale throw in foreground from 1997

washingtondc2003hx.jpg Band (small text above head says: "Our greatest foes, and those whom we must chiefly combat, are found within."


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