All artwork is © copyright 2006 the artists. Photos courtesy of DEMONS, Italy. Please send caption corrections to and mention DEMONS 1.

In memory of TRUMAN 715

"DMS" by Truman (RIP) and Mostro

the last wall of Truman (RIP) "TRU" by Truman (RIP)

"the first DEMONS wall (before the crew was formed): Gafuck, Egoh, Taken" - part of a wall in Latisana (UD)

"the second DEMONS wall (before the crew was formed): Crizi, Gaf, Egoh" - part of wall dedicated to TRUMAN - unfinished

Gaf. Monsta, Secko

Gafuck (DEMONS) and Secko

"DMS" - Monfalcone(TS) 2005 "Scimmie In Gabbia" graffiti jam

Monster, Crzh, Gafuck, in Porc“a (PN) October 2005


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