Art Crimes: Denis

All images on this page are © copyright 2004 Denis, Third Decade, Madrid. Send caption corrections to and mention Denis.

2004denis2x.jpg Denis, in Madrid 2003 bogiesinedrobex.jpg Bogie, Sined, Robe, in Madrid 2003

Crack15, Busk, Denis, in London 2003

Crack15, Denis, Morse, Uga, Obj, Kodi, Pis-k, in Madrid 2003

denismauri01x.jpg Mauri, Denis, in Madrid 2003 denismauriobjx.jpg Denis, Mauri, Obj, in Madrid 2003 denispiskx.jpg Denis, Pis-k, in Madrid 2003 denissined01x.jpg Denis peacek_objects_c15_denisx.jpg Pis-K, Objects, Crack15, Denis

sinedrobex.jpg Denis, Robe, in Madrid 2003 westbournedenisx.jpg Denis, in London 2003

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