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Better late than never!!

OK, so we're 5 days late in putting out this issue ... with commitments to painting and work it's a surprise I got it out as quickly as I did. No more complaints please.

This issue is a mixed bag of tricks. We have an indepth feature on Shok One, a report on the Vapour 700 event in Hull, another batch of trains (including some exclusives) plus all the latest wall action from around town.

As ever, enjoy!

Issue One : Featuring London walls, Tufnell Park, Stockwell, Twickenham, UK actions, tubes, trains, Cambridge, Nottingham, Halifax, Old School and the UK Paint Guide. Issue Two : Featuring London walls, tracksides, Tottenham, trains, tubes, UK walls, Hull, Hall of Fame guide, FAQ.
Issue Three : Featuring London walls, tracksides, trains, Brighton, UK walls, Kelzo, Classic Walls, Style Wars. Issue Four : Featuring a UK train special, 1999 tubes, London walls, tracksides, UK walls, Daps & Alert.

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