18/06/01 'Law Gets Tough On Graffiti' from Metro Travel, April 10th 2001
18/06/01 'Graffiti Attack On Train' from Bradford Telegraph & Argus, Feb 2001
09/06/01 Heathrow Airport commision graf for walkways and lounges
07/06/01 Nissan uses Onek C4 in it's advertising
07/06/01 an introduction to location 12

- 'Going Underground' .. Drax and Elk on London trains
- 'Designs of the Times' .. looks at the development of graffiti in England
- 'Sprayaway' .. Einz talks about his involvement in the London train scene
- 'This is Elk' .. talking about the changing face of UK graf
- 'Battle of the Art Outlaws' .. Bozo and Fume on London beef
- 'Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner' .. Drax speaks out
- The JA article from Rolling Stone back in 1995 (pictures here)