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Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Art Crimes has been asked to make some tribute pages for a deceased writer. But this is the first time that we have put together a section memorializing a writer.

We started getting email about Dondi's death the day after his passing on October 2, 1998. Because of the worldwide outcry at the loss of one of the best-loved and most famous writers, we realized that we had to provide a space for people to mourn and show their respect for one of the Biggest, Baddest and Boldest Kings of All Time.

Dondi was one of the writers whose legacy can't be ignored. As you'll see in the images and text, he was not only one of the most original style masters on the trains, but he translated that talent onto canvas in a way that few others have done. If his styles and concepts came out today, he'd still be burning the competition.

Everyone who has come together to bring you this memorial: Zephyr, Dondi's brother Michael White, Jim Prigoff, Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant and the others who have images or text on the way, have been showing the strength of the community through their unselfishness in sharing their important memories and materials. Please show respect to these folks and what they've preserved for you by not taking their images and text to use for something else, without getting their permission. As with all our pages, it is okay to link to this section or to use some materials as part of your school work, but please let us know how you'll be using them. If you create your own memorial page for Dondi, please let us know so we can link to it, and please use your own material for it.

This memorial is a work in progress. There will be more images of Dondi's work coming as contributors dig them out of photo albums. There will be more words as friends find the strength to write them. There will be memorial pieces when writers get enough paint together and a wall or piece of steel suitable for Dondi's memory. We will not be able to accept all contributions, as we want the quality of this section to stand the test of time, as Dondi's work has.

Peace and much respect to Dondi CIA 1961-1998

Susan and Brett


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