Dondi CIA

Eulogy: DONDI 1961-1998

by Michael A. White N.Y.C.


"The information our government gives us concerning AIDS. I like to think of in terms of a bikini. What it reveals is suggestive. What it conceals is vital."
DONDI, Interview Magazine March 1992

The world lost a great artist and I lost my younger brother. Born and baptized Donald Joseph White, Dondi was a nick-name given to him by our parents. Growing up in East New York Brooklyn during the '60s playing stoop ball, ring-o-levio. Going to Highland Park, Betsy Head Pool and Coney Island. Dondi was the youngest, "take your brother" my mother would yell as we ran out the door. Fond memories that I will cherish forever.

Dondi knew there was a killer on the loose. It is ironic and sad that in the prime of his life, Dondi would become one of it's victims. There is no cure and silence still equals death. Over the last year Dondi fought a valiant fight to live and end his life on his terms. Dondi accomplished this, passing away at home with his family and friends. A special Thank You to Dr. Lopez and Village Health Care. to Zephyr, Doc,Edlin,Karen co-workers Bicycle Renaissance and Deirdre. For helping Dondi live and end his life with Dignity.

Dondi and I talked about the three things he stilll wanted to do. See his 37'th birthday, take a long ride on his bicyle, and see the year 2000 the new millennium. God granted his first wish.........

A final quote:
"Asia Africa Tokoyo went to the places,the places they told us not to go. Peace 2 Da Godz. Peace 2 the Earths. Peace B wit U....4 what ever its worth. Still BRAN NUBIAN. Home of the Godz ......Krooklyn NY DONDI"

Dondi, I will miss you very much and forever. I will see you in my dreams. "DeeDee"

Michael A. White N.Y.C.


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