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All images on this page are © copyright 2005 DSR crew, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the other artists shown. Photos thanks to Ghost. Please send caption corrections to yo@graffiti.org and mention DSR 6.

Aislap (Chile), Jonis, Mudoh (Spain), Nerf, Pato, Poeta, Jaz, Create (Germany)

Ever, Dano, Jaz, Shonis, Poeta, Abser, Mudo, Nerf, Ghost

Ever, Isag, Pastel, Anks, Ksper, Ghost, Pier, Rikis, Hades, Teko

(The two pictures below are one production, and the large versions are about 400k each.)
isag_et_al_buenosaire#26918.jpg isag_et_al_buenosaire#2691A.jpg
Isag, Cabe, Damless, Anks, Nesh, Wops, Dier, Nerf, Pier, Secm, Ghost, Bera, Hades, Rikis, Dakem, Dres, Ateo, Street, Koma, Mau, Shonis, Roma, Mart

(crews: CIA, DSR, JVC) Bera, Dier, Dano, Mart, ? (France), Jaz, Ever, Ghost (aka Secm), Roma, Poeta
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