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All images on this page are © copyright 2005 DSR crew, Argentina and the other artists shown. Photos thanks to Ghost. DSR (in 2005) was Dano, Brujo, Jaz, Mart, Ghost Aka Secm, Pier, Poeta, Ever

dwayn_de_francia_ja_48003x.jpg Dwayn see it bigger (280k)

mau_jazz_cabe_pier_br_4800x.jpg Mau, Jaz, Cabe, Pier see it bigger (268k)

 Pier, Secm, Ghost, Jaz

secm_pier_ever_dier_p_4805x.jpg Secm, Pier, Ever, Dier

abse_pier_rx.jpg Abse, Pier abser_jazz_dgf_dsrx.jpg Abser, Jaz acd2d0x.jpg ACD acd61f0x.jpg ACD


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