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OCTOBER 4, 1997     ENDSTATION        ISSUE # 1
"Roma subway is burning!" 
When i first entered the Roma-subway-station i got goose- bumps. The whole system was totally bombed. On every car was a windowdown- end-to-end and on every train there was at least one wholecar, often overpainted with panel-pieces. There wasn't almost even space for one single tag. ticket
the yard The Roma subway-system is mainly divided into three lines. "The Lido-line" which goes to the beach-area outside of Rome is the most bombed one. This line runs mostly over-ground.
Another line, to the Vetican, runs in tunnels underground. This one is much cleaner and harder to paint.  Still there are panels on every  train rolling in. The a-line, both over and in tunnels with blue doors is the second most bombed line.

Inside the subway-cars you don't see any tags at all. But you still can't say they are clean. The cars are really old and looks like trash.

Everybody talks about it. Rome seems to be this years big hall-of-fame. Writers from whole Europe and also US come to visit this italian city to leave a mark. And everybody talks about those guys who got shot for doing subways. On every bigger station and in the yards there is a guard with a gun and a holster. Some local writers tell that you won't get shot if you are not hiding your face. But the italian nature has got other things that could prevent your actions;

"We sat in the bushes 50 meters from the station and waited for the last train to enter the lay-up. When it finally came rolling in, and we decided to hit it we heard a loud grunt. A huge wild-boar was standing at the train. We climbed a pole and sat there for about an hour. After taking courage we decided to make a second try. That's when a guy comes biking towards the train, throws away his bike and lays down right beside of it. We thought we had a writers company, but right after him comes a 5 cm-skirt-prostitute... Shadinka! Shadinka! 5 minutes and 4 seconds later the shadinka was over. The bitch pulled her skirt down and went back to get another italian stallion. What she didn't know was that she had 4 swedish vikings right around the corner."
The next day at the station: (click to enlarge)
hnr (t-bag) - bill - hans - arom on Lido-line '97

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Some more train-pieces: (click to view)
heat - berlin honet - paris opak - paris jon - on every sub pane, lola stand
* Jon, Joe and Pane are three of the most up panels on the Lido- line. 
* Fizz, Paris most up bomber of all times has got tags on almost every train there.
* The archaeology and digging delays new tracks for the transit-company of Rome.
* There are not enough money for new tracks, because the most passengers don't buy tickets.