ISSUE # 11
Live from Croatia!
Report made by Lunar - Croatia. oktober 1998. Copyright endstation
At the beginning of the 90'ies a guy called Lunar (Zoke) started two crews that should mean a lot to the Croatian graffiti scene. Toghether with his friend 2Fast he founded YCP and NWS to collect some of the first graffiti writers in Croatia. Eventhough Lunar admits that the trains is the real target he dislike the fact that most writers do trains for the fame of it.
angel. lego
"I really like the metal, but that is not the most important thing to me. If you want to get attention, you can do a TV-show for a bigger amount of people as a commercial music singer or something. Trains is something I do for me, not for little hip-hoppers and posers. In Zagreb there is a bunch of such guys; Jealous assholes and biters."
lego, meta, love
Graffiti magazines have always meant alot to spread local graffiti. Scenes like Holland, France, Germany and Sweden are known worldwide. Lunar says Croatia haven't reached that point yet. "The Croatian hip hop is still searching for space at the global scene. There are some people who really deserve this. But there are lot of newcomers too. Easy come...easy go.
In 1995 members from YCP and NWS got together and formed MCA - a more underground crew. Other writers joined aswell and today the members in MCA are more friend than writers.
"There are members in other Croatian cities like Osijek and Split. All of us are really close friends. As you can see on our old site; [] we are first friends, then writers."
When Lunar got in contact with Croatians who lived outside Croatia his crew MCA turned out to be an international crew. "I met some really cool Croatians living outside motherland who've been dedicated writers for years. The famous flying Dutchmen from Den Haag, Fusion, Rise and Syer from Zurich and Roy 2 from Denver."
Lunar started to bomb the city in '93 and he has always loved graffiti.
"I was painting and drawing since I was a little kid. I liked the graff stuff, so soon we started doing some bombs in the city suburbs. In 1993, we got encouraged to bomb the center, and that was the time most young writers hooked up."
crosi nostra
hca, meta, stok, zoke
Eventhough the public opinion towards graffiti is quite nice, some things tear it up.
"Once, in 1994 something cool happened. We did a YCP roof top on main square and there was a reaction from City Major in the newspapers. He said he was going to fuck us up. The next day, 2Fast got an invitation ticket for the big exhibition where he took part... underwritten by the City Major. Most of people really like us,but there are some church- oriented idiots, together with cops and conservative asses who would really like to fuck us up."
Not so much steel is around.
"The train system is too small and the yard is small, not much trains there. That is the main reason why we don't do so much metal stuff here. We search other locations or wait for cool chances. Sometimes we go to other cities. 
neal, fusion
"The train scene in Zagreb is fucked up. A lot of youngters are not careful. They stay too long in the yards, are too loud and leave their tags everywhere. I prefer the systematic work. Also there are really alot of cops on the Zagreb streets. I have never seen so many cops in any other city in Europe I've been to. If they catch you, it depends, they could just take your cans and kick you. Maybe they take you to the station and you have to pay the damage you did."
syne, syer, zoker
teask (budapest)
teask, arel
Respect to: Scandinavian gangstas, YCP, NWS, MCA headbangers, 187, STP, Akril, Voe, Meizl, Kobolt+CAF, JVS-magazine, Kobalt, Odem, Vince, Loomit, Can2, Neon, Seemso, Daim, Opak, Alicia, Billie...
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zok, henk (stuttgart)