ISSUE # 12
Endstation vs. Europe
November 1998. Copyright endstation
Before you can say: "graffiti isn't so bad," you MUST visit communities covered with the scrawlings of misguided gangs and taggers. You MUST speak with graffiti victims and those who clean up the damage. You MUST speak with the police. You MUST see how neighbors are destroyed from graffiti.
ansi (germany)  chech republic
cas (holland) copenhagen
nato (london) copenhagen
sleep (sweden) milano

I am one of the webmasters of this graffiti site - Endstation. My neighborhood is sur- rounded by graffiti done by young bored ignorant adults. These punks, have been tagging for over two years. Despite one of their number being arrested, their hooliganism continues. Our neighborhood is threatened! My neighbors and I had to act to protect our neighborhood. None of us is willing to let the taggers have our town!
ansi (germany) madrid
diet (sweden) zurich
niks (holland) copenhagen
stone (australia) copenhagen

There are NO positive effects of graffiti on any community. There is no LEGAL activity called graffiti. Graffiti by definition is a crime everywhere. It is a real simple concept that many have trouble understanding. And since graffiti is a crime, it must be stopped!
ansi (germany) warzaw
diet (sweden) chech republic
bean (holland) copnhagen
tes (norway) spain
You just want to get chased
The vandalism sub-culture thrives on lawlessness and gang-like behavior whether they believe they are in gangs or not. Vandals derive a major thrill when chased by the police or angry citizens. Vandals challenge communities that cover up the vandalism, by leaving more damage the minute abatement volunteers remove it. Vandals leave their primitive markings like a dog leaves urine. Any excuse for vandalism is just a reason to hide the truth.
ansi diet (ger / swe) warzaw
diet (sweden) chech republic
ren (sweden) chech republic
tes (norway) dresden
A never ending source of facts
Vandals do indeed use the net to communicate. We have seen that in the Graff Discussion Forum. They talk about the tags and throw ups they see in their travels. They follow the tags seen on trains from city to city. Certain high-profile vandals gain inter- national notoriety and fame simply because the vandalism sub-culture can get the word out.
arom (sweden) copenhagen
heor (sweden) norway
ren (sweden) chech republic
tes (norway) denmark
We play an important role in this game
Endstation is here to prevent such things. We are active in the struggle to fight back graffiti. We possess a large amount of photographs so that authorities and anti-graffiti voulenteers get a fair chance to see what is done. What we did not know was that Endstation should attract this many graffiti vandals to write down their "tags", where they live and what they do.
arom shit (sweden) hamburg
math - rome
ren (sweden) zurich
vie (germany) warzaw
When Endstation asked a graffiti writer why he painted graffiti he gave us this common answer: "I started thinking some more, and I realized what the essence of graffiti is about, why people do it. It's not for fame (there is none), not for girls (they don't care), not for money (ha ha), not for recognition (you can't be yourself), and not even for competition (what's the point) or art (because anything can be artistic). It's all about two things: tacky youthful rebellion (to a certain point), and more so, a desire to show that there are some things that just can't be controlled."
bean (holland) copenhagen
mh window-down (holland) copenhagen
ren diet (sweden) warzaw

There is no future in graffiti. Graffiti does not feed the family or pay the bills. Graffiti vandals are reviled not respected. The vandals don't even get along with each other. Graffiti is a social dead end. Peace /Endstation(m)