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  NOVEMBER 14, 1999


ISSUE # 17 

Travelling for Euro steel  1999
Copyright Endstation. Interview with Jeloe - USA. Comments made by various train writers.
A hobby is something you do for fun in your spare time. Like collect stamps or drink beer. Or make programs on your computer or play golf. You are not supposed to risk your life for your hobby. You are not supposed to give up the little sleep this society allow us to have, and you are not supposed to get the evil eye from your father at the dinner table.
Your hobby shoud be healthy, nice and legal. Graffiti is not! So called writers break against all these rules thru their so called hobby. Graffiti is all about spending your food money on chemical rust preventing liquid and risk other air plane passengers lives because you want to bring the high pressured liquid to some other kids with the same interrest in an other country so far away from your mummy so that you are not able to sleep because she can not give you your morning sandwiches with sliced cumumber. OK, not every graffiti writer go by air, but as the train tickets are much more expensive nowadays (of some unknown reason) more young people tent do go by plane.
london workbums What is the world coming to?
I think you understand what this is all about. The hobby graffiti has gone so far so that kids all over the world are willing to do what ever it takes to paint a train. Europe has never seen anything like it before. French writers, yes kids from France are even trying to learn English! Just to be able to go abroad for easier targets. And spanish t-shirt guys travel all the way from Madrid to Scandinavia, without fearing the cold, just to get to see the Oslo subway.What is the world coming to?  I heard of one guy who actually went on his bike for two days just to find out that what looked like a train yard on his map actually was nothing more than some black lines on the map.
Is this a hobby? Or like Bill Clinton and Kermit the Frog would have said: "What is the world coming to?" (b.t.w. Bill's lawyer called us up and answered that question: "It depends on how much money he gets.")

"I was literally blown away by the fact that trains were still being done on a regular basis."
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ansi - prague

aod smd sin - a'dam

bean - paris

blast - italy

Endstation Magazine issue #17. Distance away in THE country (United States of America) lives a guy who calls himself Jeloe. Oh no, he's nothing like guys in the Ricky Lake audience. Jeloe is just a friendly American guy who visited the overseas continent Europe this summer. This all happened in the very last summer before we enter the new age, when everything will turn into something different. Remember that the French people are relly practising hard on it. New times are to come! With help from his addiction to a certain hooby Jeloe visited 15 European countries during his stay. He did not collect stamps; He did graffiti on walls and trains!

Jeloe. "I was first exposed to the euro scene about 4 years ago when i started college. I quickly got interested in it, and shortly after i realized there were tons of graffiti beeng done in Europe. I was literally blown away by the fact that trains were still being done on a regular basis, and even that some of them ran painted!"

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blast - italy

deos - barcelona

deos - barcelona

deos - spain

Hip Hop. "I also knew that hip hop played a large part in the graffiti scene out there which is kind of wierd. In the US hip hop is kind of looked upon as the black sheep of graffiti in that the majority or writers dont really want to claim it as being a part of graffiti. its just strange to see it alive and well going on in other places, i kinda liked it. it was like revisiting my past in a good way."

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deos nsk - spain

diet - paris


diet - minsk

"The streets were bombed, the trains were being painted, the lines were covered inpieces, throwups, tags etc.. it was amazing!"

Europe. "The average writer looks upon europe as being a place stuck in the past, which is truly unfortuneate. Europe in my opinion is truly keeping a lock down on graffiti in its rawest form. Many of the places i visited like Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Prague etc. were just wrecked!  The streets were bombed, the trains were being painted, the lines were covered in pieces, throwups, tags etc... it was amazing!

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dins - paris

end - germany

foke blast - italy

gues furs ner - paris

Styles. "Also, the styles that are going on there are really cool. They are for the most part (excuse my generalizations) simple, effective, and original in comparison to US graff. I really fell in love with that. In the US i think people are trying to hard to worry about pretty 50 color pieces that take like a week to finish instead of working with 2-3 color filled in street pieces and big throwups. I mean, i like and appreciate big legal type stuff, but nothing makes me happier than to see a simple, readable, and illegal street level piece just come off and just beg you for attention." Thanks Jeloe!

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heor - denmark

ira (female) - rome



A train writers dream...
There are more diffent type of trains in Europe than you can count on a calculator. (Goto Start-menu, choose Run. Type in "calc". There you go!) Most of them get painted on a now and then but subways in big cities and modern plastic looking high speed trains seem to be the most attractive ones for writers thru out Europe. Endstation asked some train graffiti writers what train they would like see their own piece on.

"Either a clean nyc subway - because nyc trains are the classics. Or a train in pakistan - because ive never seen anybody else do one." (norwegian train writer)

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jeloe - london


key - germany

mae - spain

"I want to hit the Eurostar or the Arlanda Express. The eurostar since it's a cool train going from France to England and since it's a bit hardcore. The Arlanda Express coz it's never been hit yet(?) and coz it's a cool train." (swedish train writer)

"I dont know too much about the whole transit system throughout europe. However, i would love to hit *ANY* subway train that was thought of as being impossible. for example, the London Underground, or the Swedish subways would have been nice too. It is all about the thrill of the conquer, the adrenaline, making people wonder how the fuck you did it." (american train writer) warzaw workbum in window
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mar inx ultra - paris mis - copenhagen mis - copenhagen mm - denmark
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nbc - poland ner - paris nsk own - poland

"While being on interrail to east europe last year, i also planned to visit Bucharesti in Romania, they do have a decent subway system there and i assume it has never been
hit so far. Unfortunately, all people i met in east europe highly warned me of going there, cause i would at least get robbed, maybe even killed because of major poverty in that country. At that point i decided to postpone this mission, but since then the idea of being the first one to hit a virgin subway system stayed in my mind and i am really sure some day it will be done." (german train writer)

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pbar - denmark

punt - paris

sensa - london

sensa jeloe - london

"Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, London and Oslo subway because after years of heavily bombings it has been proved that they are not that easy to hit, but still possible." (engish train writer)

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staf ble - stockholm

thtsk - oslo

thtsk - oslo

urlo - italy

tn_mag17_urlo2.jpg (2617 bytes) tn_mag17_wholecar.jpg (1566 bytes) tn_mag17_wholecar2.jpg (2345 bytes) tn_mag17_vie.jpg (1985 bytes)
urlo - italy wholecar - hamburg wholecar - hamburg vie - belgium

The trans sibirian train with a wholetrain top to bottom. To be the most famous graffiti writer for sibirian bears and wolves. (french train writer)

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