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  DECEMBER 10, 1999


ISSUE # 18 

The Fossil & the Fresher
Report made by anonymous writer December 1999. Copyright Endstation.
Two individuals. Two nationalities. Two different age groups. One agenda. To infiltrate a yard. To paint a train under the noses of the workbums. The exciting story of the Fossil and the Fresher.

Neither had met before. The older one, Fossil, knew about the railways; how they worked and where the yards were. He was also the messenger with the paint and the necessary "gear". The younger dude, Fresher, was the guy with the skills and the experience of changing train company liveries into something a little more "unofficial". Two entirely separate "jigsaw puzzle pieces" with different lives, tastes and aspirations were linked together perfectly to make a force to be reckoned with. Their first meeting was not clinical.
tn_mag18_zerok.jpg (2301 bytes) tn_mag18_xovni.jpg (2449 bytes) tn_mag18_wd.jpg (1214 bytes) tn_mag18_twix.jpg (2261 bytes)
zerok - prague

shok ovni - belgium

window down - east

twix - prague

They established trust and intent over pizza and Guinness while the paint cans nestled in the rucksacks beneath the pub table. Then came the can shaking ceremony in a nearby house; a kind of tribal dance before the onslaught. Fossil explained his chosen target for the night. Fresher planned the designs and the colours.

tn_mag18_thtsk.jpg (2251 bytes) tn_mag18_suer2.jpg (2368 bytes) tn_mag18_suer1.jpg (2468 bytes) tn_mag18_spul.jpg (2417 bytes)
thtsk - holland

suer - copenhagen

suer - copenhagen

spul - italy

No car was available so they took a train to the target city and a cab to the target area. Boldly they walked in through the front gate. The busy and bustling yard was just reaching one of its busiest times of the day when trains were arriving every five minutes to be parked in several lay-ups overnight. Orange clad workbums and cleaners were everywhere.

tn_mag18_rule.jpg (2523 bytes) tn_mag18_razor.jpg (2846 bytes) tn_mag18_pussies.jpg (1917 bytes) tn_mag18_plek.jpg (1559 bytes)
rule - copenhagen

razor - amsterdam

4 pussies - prague

plek - prague

Fossil and Fresher hid behind a fence next to which railwaymen walked to and from their canteen, unaware of the trespassers in their midst. The only living creature aware of them was a young fox which seemed to enjoy this unusual bit of nocturnal company.

"The brambles tearing flesh and clothes but who gives a fuck when the target is there!"

tn_mag18_pegh.jpg (2099 bytes) tn_mag18_ovni2.jpg (2120 bytes) tn_mag18_ovni.jpg (2648 bytes) tn_mag18_leon.jpg (2704 bytes)
pegh - barcelona

ovni - belgium

ovni - amsterdam

leon - copenhagen

Then came the time to strike. A two coach train stood exposed before the open doors of a workshop where buffers were at work spray-cleaning a train. Some bushes provided convenient cover (the brambles tearing flesh and clothes but who gives a fuck when the target is there!).

tn_mag18_khonzimreskfish.jpg (1444 bytes) tn_mag18_kesie2.jpg (1964 bytes) tn_mag18_kesie.jpg (2491 bytes) tn_mag18_heor2.jpg (2382 bytes)
w.d. - stockholm

kesie - paris

kesie - dortmund

heor - denmark

A quiet moment came and the cans were out. Fossil kept watch while Fresher did the piece. The smell of fresh spray paint wafted back into the bushes. Suddenly the appearance of a workbum caused the alarm signal to be raised. Fossil skulked further into the brambes, Fresher dived for cover. False alarm. The job was finished and photographs taken.

tn_mag18_heor.jpg (2480 bytes) tn_mag18_golpe2.jpg (2364 bytes) tn_mag18_golpe1.jpg (2809 bytes) tn_mag18_golpe.jpg (2604 bytes)
heor - denmark

golpe - barcelona

golpe - east europe

golpe - italy

Fossil and Fresher walked out through the main gate leaving behind one fucked-up train and some open jawed workbums with one thought "when did it happen? HOW did it happen?" Followed by the desperate check on fences to see where the yard had been penetrated. Nothing. Just several hours extra work to get the paint (and the polyurethane varnish) off of one of their new long distance trains.

tn_mag18_ensiisf.jpg (1628 bytes) tn_mag18_eng.jpg (1989 bytes) tn_mag18_ebbey2k.jpg (1943 bytes) tn_mag18_dsf.jpg (2256 bytes)
ensi isf - dortmund eng - warzawa ebbe Y2K - holland philly arom - berlin

Outside the yard came the handshake and the congratulations. Mission accomplished. Bombers returned home safely...no losses...no casualties. Now time to plan the next hit... The End.

tn_mag18_cake3.jpg (2264 bytes) tn_mag18_cake2.jpg (1790 bytes) tn_mag18_cake.jpg (1822 bytes) tn_mag18_bug.jpg (1983 bytes)
cake - stockholm

cakes - rome

cake - london

bug - prague

tn_mag18_balet.jpg (1285 bytes) tn_mag18_aromphily.jpg (1428 bytes) tn_mag18_aod.jpg (2627 bytes) tn_mag18_aix.jpg (2373 bytes)
balet - prague

arom phily - berlin

aod - amsterdam

aix - copenhagen

Two postcards were sent to our computer-lab last week. One came from a small train company in the Alps, and the other one came from an old train guard in New York who wonders where all graffiti writers went after the 80'ies.

"Hi Endstation! I work for a small train company in the Alps. I would just like to warn any graffiti vandals who dare to visit our only lay-up inside a cave in the mountains. Regards Albert." "I am a former guard for yards in NYC. I wonder where all the graffiti went after the 80'ies. See ya!"
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