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DECEMBER 1, 1997     ENDSTATION        ISSUE # 2
   Warzaw - orange commuters
The summer is over and the Warzaw graffiti writers can breath freely again. The last interrailers have gone back home and the dark is coming with the winter.
tryb, ble, kerk (warzaw),  kripo (berlin)

The Warzaw transit net is one of the best in Europe. In the city you can go by either bus or tram. There is also one subway line in one direction out from the city center. The orange local trains connects all the parts of the city, the suburbs and also other cities around Warzaw. 

gold, phily, arom (sweden)
The past two years many hundred panels, end-to-ends and wholecars have been done in Warzaw.  PKP
arom (sweden) soir (berlin)

The most of them are still running, and if you do a panel one day, maybe other pieces will join and suddenly the next day it is part of an end-to-end. The trains are never buffed/cleaned just because of graffiti. Until now the transit company -PKP- have never seen graffiti as a serious problem. 
yaze (finland), cakes (czech republic), millz (switzerland), soir (berlin), snake (france)
Graffiti came to Warzaw at the same time as it came to the rest of Europe. A few years ago the first train-pieces started to pop-up. The Warzaw writers was rocking! Last year Berlin train writers began to pay regular visits to Poland. Until the beginning of this summer every piece you saw was made by a writer from either Warzaw or Berlin, but there were also a couple of Czech pieces. The summer came and so did the tourists. 
PKP exploded!
-acid (berlin) - phily (sweden) - beta, arom, phily (sweden) - beta

Interrailers from whole Europe went east to decorate a piece of the orange pie. Writers from Germany, Sweden, France, Finland, Spain, Switzerland........travelled miles and miles to visit Warzaw. Now, when you sit at the central station in Warzaw, it looks like it is the central station of Europe... 

-afd hnr (sweden) - beta - arom - soir - hick
chase (warzaw)

Chace is the writer who have got the most panels running on all lines in Warzaw. I asked him if he had something to say. His answer was brief: "Painting trains in Warsaw is fucked up now. We get chased quite a bit".

The golden age of Warzaw graffiti might be over and the local writers have a rough winter to deal with.

* Chase, Ble and Tryb are three of the most up panels on the orange commuters.
* The drivers often sleep inside the trains during the nights because of homelessness. There are also gangs of homeless dogs running around in the yards.
* There are two Warzaw graffiti magazines with mostly trains in black and white.
* If you want to study more Warzaw graffiti visit hUH? (trains)

Pieces published in this magazine is not represent able for the Warzaw scene at all. Facts is that at the very moment I am writing this Chace official train count is 112 and still running.