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JANUARY 10, 1998    ENDSTATION      ISSUE # 4

Interrailing thru Europe...
This is a part of an interview made by Kapor @ Gratex, Slovakia in 1997. Read full interview here.
We packed two socks, two t-shirts and two underwear and headed for Europe. Bill missed the first train and had to catch a taxi. Hans fell asleep after two minutes and didnt wake up before we came home and his mom gave him a big cup of English tea. Arom wore sandals for 30 days. T-bag wrote secret romantic postcards to his girlfriend two times a day. Europe was a ZOO and every city had its own charm: gorilla-conductors on the Berlin trains. Human shit on the only bridge to the yard in Warzaw. Toad-cops in Bratislava. Vandal-squad in Zurich. Belgian guys in Paris...

Paris: arom (rer-a-line)  bill (doubledecker)  honet (rer-a-line)  arome (rar-a-line)  pewO (in front of wholetrain)   

Which stop was the best?
The one where our moms served cheese on crisp-bread with cold milk. (back home in Sweden)

kesie (rer-a-line/ Paris)  GAP-crew (france)  arom + dhem (s-train / hamburg)  kesie (france)  

Some problems or situations/some fun?

We had a vacation at the French Riviera where we were supposed to chill for a week. We bought grape-wine (the cheapest), cold ravioli (the cheapest) in a can and hired a shitty room. A lot of discos and topless girls. Two good resons to stay. There were only two problems: The girls were Americans and we didnt get into one single disco.

bill (paris)  arom (red bean / zurich)  hans + rok + arome (rer-a-line / paris)   

The writers you met... and painted with.
In Berlin we saw a man trying to tip over the last part of the wall thru painting on it with a black-color high-pressure-spray-bottle. After eating some vietnam-food Akim and Heat showed us how to do a back-jump. In Warzaw we met up with Chase. Later we met ten Warzaw graffers, makes fifteen writers in the same yard.) We had to run away six times because of the driver in the train. In Zurich we met Simtic and Resk. They guarded for us so that we could do one of the last Red Beans. In Paris we met Kesie. We painted his RER A-line a couple of times. In other countries we painted by our selves.

hans (doubledecker / paris)  kesie (paris)  arom + plc + hnr (s-train / nurnberg)  kesie (rer-a-line /paris)  

What is the difference between Sweden and the rest of Europe?
What we noticed on our trip around Europe was that Sweden is a big country with not much people. Means we got a lot of tracks but less trains on them. In other countries there were trains everywhere. In the forrest, in yards, lay-ups between stations and so on.

hans + arom + hnr + bill (frankfurt) hans + arom + bill + hnr (frankfurt)  

What was the police like around Europe and in Sweden?
Swedish cop: big nose, armpit perspiration, reading-glasses, gets calls from unknown persons in the night, gets his tires flat.....cant do nothing.
Warzaw cop: Didnt see any...
Slovakian cop: So corrupted they believe they're taxi-drivers.
German train-cops: bahn-polizei - could even beat up their own mothers.
Italian cops: 100-bullet-holsters and even possesse the power to scream to 6 year-old girls.
Many types of French cops: Original force, train-station guards, vandal- squad....batons and all types of weapons: M16, bazooka, lazer-cannon 2000, Duke Nukem 3D.
What do you think about, when I say these words to ya:
Wholecar To sit inside of it and ask somebody to look at something thru the window... 
Subway  The Stockholm subway is called ”the Tube”. They are going to change all green and blue ones to new plastic ones. 
New York  Stylewars, wildstyle and grey pictures in a graffmag. Nice haircuts, like Bill... 
Style  Prefer personal-styles and quantity. Hate to talk about style; Just do it! 
Berlin Under the yellow sun: a yellow u-bahn and our yellow friend Akim. Peace to Soir.
Stockholm Isn't Norway the capital of Stockholm?...Welcome to the subway of Stockholm. Early in the morning and you will see ice-bears in the tunnels. At the central-station you will see vikings eat hot-dogs from Sibylla. 
King The king of Sweden is Carl-Gustaf, but he can't even write his name properly so sometimes he writes ”Reson” instead. Some months ago I saw him on T.V. He declared all cans in his kingdom illegal. Maybe he prefer markers. 
Bombing  To live in a clean city gives no inspiration. But there are other people bombing the streets. 1998 Stockholm will be the culture-capital-city of Europe. At that time everything is going to be clean and graffiti will be dead. Definately!
Bratislava  Shiny happy people in a city of joy! Mc Donalds tastes like home and the trams are colorful nowadays. All the people and the animals in the city were happy. Exept one! A toad!...One night he decided to turn into an evil man. His friends did the same so he got some collegues. Every night they drove around and around in Bratislava with blue lights on the roof (Craaazy-mamas). Suddenly they saw four swedish writers who had just made a wholetram (innocent of course). They picked them up and drove them to the most criminal bar open at three o'clock in the morning. Then they wanted their money. ”GIVE MONNY, ONE CHANDRED!!!” But the swedes only had two chandred so they went into the bar and ordered four hot cups of tea. When they looked around they had company by four whores and eight costumers in leather-jackets. They went home and didnt marry and lived happily ever after.