DECEMBER 10, 2001


ISSUE # 31

Dresden: From chill to thrill !
Report written by Endstation(m) Magazine copyright to Endstation. Interviews with Zebra, Seis, Hokey and Best.
DRESDEN-GERMANY: "The vandalsquad is well informed - but what can they do!? They watch us and we watch them!" Dresden is a city in the eastern part of Germany where s-trains are doubledeckers, and trams run painted through the city. Endstation met some writers that were more than dedicated to bomb anything which can be found in Dresden. This is what we saw.

AKS Bloodbrothers - Doubledecker wholecar

It was one of these hot summer days and the sun was shining. We sat in a dark room with closed curtains eating potato chips with paprika flavour and watching the video footage from last night on a television. There video had no sound, and everyone in the room were quiet. All i heard was the buzzing sound of the VCR and cars driving on the street outside. The movie was very shaky but you could see the shadows of someone sneaking in the bushes beside a huge train. It was a live action footage from a mission in the Central Station from last night. We had just arrived to Dreden from Berlin a 20 muntes earlier and the video session was the first thing we did in Dresden. This was before we got to eat and before we got into serious business.

Besd Besd Besd Best
Dresden writers are crazy about two things; Graffiti and Dresden. Seis is sitting in the one corner with the big sofa watching the video. While the video is rolling he start talking about the graffiti scene in Dresden. "The scene is very friendly. Nearly everybody knows everybody so there are no big quarrels. Lately the police got more and more knowledge of who is who, so many of my friends got in trouble and can't paint trains any more. Another problem is that saxony (a province in Germany /endstation(m)) is very conservative. So the courts try to bring people to prison. However, graffiti is here to stay..."

Decs Decs Degs Tseb
Dresden lies in east germany near the czech border and the river Elbe. They have got s-trains and trams. The s-trains are doubledeckers. The trams run through the city. They do wholecars on both types, because they are both rolling steel and that's what matters according to these guys. Besd, a dedicated train writer in Dresden says that making a wholecar on the doubledecker s-trains is plain work, nothing else. "They are so fucking huge!". Zebra another doubledecker writer who is also keen on the tramways says that the tram looks like a bread bin, so he just has to paint them. The trams are yellow and often bombed.

Hokey Hokey Besd Besd
There is lots of tough graff going on in Dresden, but it used to be much more. A few years ago 'Zoko' - the special police - busted some people who told on other writers which resulted in house searches and many arrests. The whole scene was affected by this raid. Zebra says many writers were spoken guilty, even without any evidence. "Nowadays the scene is a bit uncertain and the sokos nearly know any face behind any piece. But they didn't give up writing. Just have a look at all the pieces published here.
Dresden S-bahn doubledecker wholecars!
Seis kick Besd Besd
More S-bahn and Intercity trains made in Dresden

Reb (Sweden) Seis Zebra Arom (Sweden)

I love you Seas Zebra Zebra

Cant stop Element Element Hokey Hate
So what can you say about Dresden today?

Hokey: "Now i mostly do just quick pieces in 5-10 minutes. Backjumps. But graffiti on trains is still the best mixture of fun, adventure and creativity. It«s like a dream where you can get photos from."

Seis: "One problem today is that saxony is very conservatively, so the courts try to bring people to prison. However, graffiti is here to stay."

Dresden tramway backjumps!


2BK ACAB Special freight tram! ACAB

Feel Hokey Honk Vibes
"The vandalsquad is well informed - but what can they do!? They watch us and we watch them!"

Zebra: "I was painting an "i love you" panel. We really painted very chilled for the first 15 minutes, so we all felt quite secure. But just a second after i noticed a flashing blue light in the windows of the train, 2 or 3 BGS (national border police) men came runnig towards us from nowhere, targeting us with their torch-lights and shouting like hell. So just like in Aphex Twins' tune it was a sudden cut: Form chill to thrill!!! But what else would i do if i didn't paint trains? I would probably be sitting in the local zoo drawing animals instead."

We will meet more writers, give you more trains and make more Magazines like this! So, send in more photos to Endstation!

End of report. -endstation(m)

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