MAY 1, 1998    ENDSTATION      ISSUE # 6
Dutch Damage - Amsterdam
Report made by Noya - Holland and endstation 1998. Photos by Noya. Copyright  endstation 1998.
Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, has about 700.000 inhabitants and is famous for its huge canal system. When it comes to graffiti Amsterdam has always been hot and graffiti made on the metro trains is known and exposed worldwide. Amsterdam is a compact city where your destination will usually not be at a great distance. The city is considered car-unfriendly and is therefore ideal for getting around by foot, bicycle or public transport...
the tram
The tram is the most important mode of public transport in Amsterdam. The tram network consists of 17 lines. Most tramlines route from the Centraal Station to the city areas in the east, south and  west. The others mutually connect these city areas. An exception to all this is line 20, the Circle-tram.
the metro
Another part of Amsterdam's public transport is the metro. The metro system is a combination of full metro and rapid trams (sneltram) mainly running on the surface. Only 3,5 km in the city centre are underground. The second sneltram connection, the Ringlijn opened in May 1997. After midnight, when normal public transport is not in service, nightbuses cover most of Amsterdam and some destinations outside the city.
amsterdam metro - real, fle, frekl, ids, al, noya, ik, ik, wdc, noya, ven, noya, pablo
transport companies
Public transport in the city is operated by the municipal transport company GVB, thru it's four daughter companies: trambedrijf (tram), sector veren (ferries), metrobedrijf (metro/sneltram) and busbedrijf (bus). Most of the regional routes are operated by the NZH. Transport company Midnet also operates a number of regional buslines in Amsterdam.
5 x amsterdam metro - noya (MH, PAC, WDC)
I write Noya named after Paranoya but I also write a thousand other undercover names... Im down with the MH crew (holland denmark connection) the PAC crew (italy holland connection) and the WDC (international "We Dont Care" cooperation). 
banana - sees (noya)
new trains and new styles
Im mostly into doing everything that moves... on the outside and inside, and walls beside the railway tracks. Ive done trains in Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Denmark. Going to other countries is the best thing about doing trains... meeting new trains and new styles.
hash, hash, off, ios, baka
In Amsterdam the subs are hit every week by the Gaasper Force and Gein Posse. Gaasper Force is represented by the MH, PAC, KDV, WDC and some individual writers. The Gein Posse is represented by the ASD, DOS and SMD crews.
mens, mh, nar, amazed, zencher
The yellow bananas are mostly hit in the äDomtownä a.k.a. Utrecht by the DID crew and MSN. MSN arenât up like they used to, but I still think they are the crew that represents the bananas in Holland. WDC and PAC are also hitting bananas in Utrecht and also some toys who fuck up the yard and who will get their ass kicked if they ever enter the yard again. In the rest of Holland crews like DOS and TH cause much damage on the steel front.
noya inside a banana!
noya, msn, msn, msn, aps, pef, mesic, per
If you are getting caught for doing a train in Holland you will get a cleaning bill for sure and possibly a fine. If youre unlucky youll get a prison sentence. Unless youre a foreigner, then youll get a cleaning bill and youll be deported only if you keep your mouth shut!!!
off, tokio, ?wholecar, hair, pion
My plans for the future are doing more steel around the world until I cant no more. And going to Spain to all those lovely senóritas!!!
bitch, rush, downs, shet, sme
Peace to..
Beta, Kel Swa, Vets, Iser, Asic, Desl, Prime, Moses, Emit, Jobs, Mesic Neasr Syntic, Mist, Ninja, Hove, Fagor, Mookie & Kapi, Meot & the Barcelona gang, Lava, Rema, Fetch, Each, Nasp, the Players, Tower & Carn, Tem, Tes, Exsem, Mencio Asme Zeir, Sila Zemar, Snoy Gast, Trota, Dork, Ens, the DC crew, Taxi and theDOS crew, Joe Spet, Asperges, Soes, Wirl, Onie, Apache, Husl, Mir, Dern, Vons Thor Sec, Earn mol, Snorks, Zene, Adjent, Cave.