Copenhagen S-trains pt. 1
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Copenhagen seems to be one of the most popular meeting points for european graffiti kids this year. To stand at the central station for a day is actually like standing inside the cover of a graffiti magazine. Or as a young kid said to me: I like it!
moas, moas, moas, reson
the trains are vandalized again - by the same people
At least every third train rolling into the central-station has major parts of its panels covered with colors. Sometimes the vandals spray all up over the windows. A bunch of full time workers are employed to clean the trains, but as the number of vandalized trains increases every year and especially during the summer those workers never get a chance to clean the trains before they are vandalized again - often by the same people. There is a gang of kids who all uses the same "tag" that they write over and over again: MOA (Monsters Of Art).
nak, mh dean, evol tes, dean
a new vandal squad?
Due to the huge problems and costs with graffiti this year DSB decided to put special trained guards inside the yards and trains.
beer, graffiti and girls make swedes and norwegians come
Every summer young travellers from all over Europe visit Copenhagen. Nice looking girls, cheap beer, Christiania, koeldskol (a drink) and graffiti. Sometimes there are so many tourists in the train yards the local writers gets mad. Swedish and Norwegian people are not too popular. Therefore Swedes and Norwegians who plan to visit a yard or lay up in Copenhagen are recommended not to look like Swedes and Norwegians.  
aro, arom, bates, bea
rail facts
With its 5 main lines radiating out from Copenhagen C, the S-train network forms the backbone of public transit in Copenhagen, Denmark. The suburbs cluster  in "fingers" along the radial S-train lines, leaving space for recreational areas between them. The S-trains are run by DSB, (Danske Statsbaner, the Danish State Railways). Service begins roughly at 5 AM (6 AM in weekends) and continues until around 1 AM in the night. All routes have fixed 20-minute headways; some of them operate only in peak hours, but all stations are served by at least one all-day line.
 tes, vent
dean, dean, dean, shit (r-tog)